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February 2020-March 2020

UK National Tour

"What would you do to save your son? Everything? Anything? Lie?”

On Michael Thomas’ birthday, his cake sits in his mother’s living room, its candles burning undisturbed. Jackie wants to clear her conscience, whilst Evelyn’s got a big speech to deliver on the 15th anniversary of Michael’s fatal stabbing. Are some things better left unsaid?

Sensitively written by Mel Pennant and shortlisted for the Alfred Fagon
Award, Seeds tells the story of two mothers united in sorrow, sharing the hardship of protecting their sons - one in life, and one in death.

Brought by the producers of the critically-acclaimed production of good dog by Olivier Award nominated Arinzé Kene and led by a female creative team, Seeds explores the human story behind a tragedy through the eyes of those left behind.

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SOHO FRINGE 2019 - TYPICAL-00129.jpg

August 2019-September 2019

Soho Theatre and The Pleasance Courtyard Edinburgh.

'Where is home?
Thought I was home
I fought then came home
Thought I was home...'

What is the cost of a typical night out? An ex-serviceman who has spent his life fighting for his country finds new battles in a society fighting against him.

From the makers of 2018 hit Queens of Sheba came this powerful new play by Ryan Calais Cameron confronting the daily tensions experienced by Black men as they negotiate life, while constantly feeling like their own lives are on the line.

Typical uncovers the man and the humanity behind a tragic real-life story, challenging traditional conceptions of Black manhood and highlighting the crisis of identity consuming Britain today.

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January 2018-February 2018

Royal Court Schools Tour, London and Birmingham.

"We’re opposites, even though we came from the same, she’s nuttin' like me, an that shames me."

Teenagers Muna and Iqra get the same bus to school but they've never really spoken. Muna wears Topshop and sits on the top deck gossiping about Nicki Minaj’s latest beef, while Iqra sits alone downstairs in her charity shop hand-me-downs. They were both born in Somalia but come from different worlds. But as they get closer, they realise that their families share a painful secret.

Tackling the urgent issue of FGM in Britain, Charlene James’ devastating play reveals the price some girls pay to become a woman.

Winner of the George Devine Award for Most Promising Playwright and the Alfred Fagon Award for Best New Play.

(More info here.)

Anne Adams,Derek Hagen.Credit Scott Ryla

May 2017-June 2017

Finborough Theatre

“What’s wrong with me? Something’s got to be awful wrong with me. Why am I never enough for people?”

Joanie loves her home – a small town on the Canadian prairies. But Joanie’s mum left her, her husband left her, and now her teenage daughter Carol-Ann wants to leave too…

If only she could “freeze a bit of time”, so nothing ever changed – like the footprints on the moon. As Joanie battles to keep Carol-Ann from leaving to go and live with her dad in Toronto, she is finally forced to confront why she keeps being abandoned by her loved ones, and the loves and losses that have shaped her life.

A finalist for Canada’s most prestigious literary award – the Governor General’s Award – and winner of the Labatt Award for Best Canadian Play, Footprints on the Moon premiered in Winnipeg in 1988 and has since been produced in New York City, and all over Canada including – amongst many others – Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Saskatoon. In 2017 it received its European premiere at the Finborough Theatre.

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