Anastasia Osei-Kuffour


I began my career in the arts in 2012, training as a theatre director through the Young Vic Directors Programme. I went on to train on the National Theatre's Director's course in 2017 and as an artistic director on the tiata fahodzi led Artistic Director Leadership Programme. I was Associate Director at Theatre 503 (Aug 2019 to May 2021) and I am currently Stephen Williams's Assistant on the Searchlight feature film 'Chevalier'. I am also Artistic Director of Wrested Veil, a production company that unveils stories that explore truth and the human story behind real world issues, in order to spark change.

I love stories and their power to move and touch people. I believe they can be a catalyst for change. It's my life's passion to tell stories in the most dynamic and thrilling way. This means that sometimes I tell them through the powerful plays and films that I direct and write or through the poetry/spoken word I write and perform. I particularly enjoy working with actors and a creative team to bring words on a page to life. Those collaborations allow me to create living, breathing, affecting shows. It is like magic.  Working across film, theatre and radio I am beyond excited at the different ways I can bring stories to the world.

Poetry is a passion of mine, it’s my most instinctive way of self-expression. Sometimes I find it easier than having a normal conversation. I love how poetry allows me to paint pictures with words and capture emotions with clarity. My current series of poems is called 'Faith, Hope, Love'.